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What better satisfaction can anyone find than in seeking the Lord?
As the deer pants for the waters my song longs for you! My soul thirsts for God, the living God. When shall I come and appear in God’s presence?  Psalms 42:1-2.

This is more than a song. This is an expression of a heart that yearns for God.
As we all sing this song may we be lavished with unusual grace from on high to pursue him until his salvation shines through our lives, this nation, and the world at large.

You are loved.
Kennie Oyinloye

I Want You Song Lyrics

Verse 1

You are God there is none like you
Mighty are your ways I reverence you
Judge of all the ancient of days
Invisible one immortal God
May I know your more
May I love you more


I have seen fire
I heard about the mighty thunders
But I want you
I want all of you
I want no other
You are the source of living waters
I want you
I want all of you

Verse 2

Seeking you is my heart’s desire
I need you right now and every hour
May your majestic kingdom come
May your will dear Lord only be done
May I know you more
May I love you more

Chorus Repeat


I love you so much
I will dive in so deep
All I need can be found in you
And my soul is longing like a deer after you
All I need can be found in you